Out-of-Town Dance Outings

I am looking for a few people interested in dance outings to get in touch with me to explore ideas. It is more cost effective and lots more fun to visit 

out-of-town fancy ballrooms as a small group than individually.

Orlando - Venetian Ballroom

My husband, Tom and I could bring along 2 or 3 others with us when we drive to one of the fancy ballrooms in Orlando. 

It's a lot more fun than driving the hour-long distance and going to a huge ballroom by yourself.

There is a 3-hour dance from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm with an hour-long group lesson from 4:00 to 5:00 pm every 1st & 3rd Sundays at the Venetian Ballroom in Orlando hosted by Mark Arnott, a well known PRO who has won many competitions with his students.

Cost  Sharing

Outings are tentatively scheduled quarterly and reservations are on a 

first-come-first-serve basis as we can only bring 3 people with us. 

Cost is  $80  each for the 6-hour long Dance Outing  ( less than cost of 

a private lesson )  and includes : -

          *  Cover charge for 3-hour dance from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm

          *  Hour-long group lesson by Mark Arnott

          *  Cost of hiring a Dance Host for 2 hours ( half hour per lady )

          *  2-hour plus round trip by car from Melbourne to Orlando


We will leave for Orlando from my place ( vicinity of Brevard Zoo ) 

at 2:45 pm as it takes slightly over an hour one-way. 

There is a cash bar at Venetian Ballroom and they provide fresh fruits 

but you may want to bring along a more substantial snack, perhaps 

to eat en route home in the car as the dance finishes at 8:00 pm and we won't be back till around 9:15 pm.

Treat yourself to a Dance Outing once or twice a year and strut your dance prowess at a fancy ballroom in Orlando. We can dream about planning a Dance Vacation Weekend down the road, perhaps further from home, if there is sufficient interest.  Call Margaret at (321) 328-0805 for any other info desired.