Ballroom Dancers

You don't need to be a star to be immortalized these days thanks to the internet.  Simply host your dance routines onto the web and your colleagues, family and friends, near and far, now and forever, can readily access them at their convenience.

Those who either showcase or compete have invested a lot of time and money.  Why then don't you just ensure that your moment in the limelight is forever captured by having a video of your routines hosted on our Precious-Video-Moments website where fellow dancers and other site visitors can watch you in action on the dance floor?   It is a terrible waste not to share your dancing accomplishments. 

We will also upload a video snippet ( 25% of routine ) of your most impressive dance moves onto your Facebook page as well as our own timeline, as a way of promoting your hosted dance video.   Several of our video snippets garner hundreds of views.

Disco  Hustle

Mary Goodwin dancing Disco Hustle with Primo Garcia at Dancin' Dance Showcase at Hilton Rialto on May 20, 2018.

Paso  Doble

Check back tomorrow for video of Tara Langhorne dancing Paso Doble with Lance Sexton at Hilton Rialto on May 20, 2018.

Dance  Heats

Most of the Freestyle Heats featured more than one couple.   I sometimes would zoom in on a particular couple.

              o   $ 30  for  1st  video  hosted

              o   $ 20  per  additional  video  hosted

              o   Includes  FREE  upload of video snippet on Facebook

              o   FREE  4 X 6  photo  of  your  best  dance  move

High  Definition  DVD's

DVDs  offer true high definition quality.   More importantly, you don't need an internet connection as you can simply pop the DVD into your DVR or laptop to view your routine. 

We will be happy to offer a special volume discount to those dancing multiple heats.

o  Base Fee for Original DVD  ( 1st dance routine )   -   $30

( 50% discount - $15 only if ordered with uploading service )

o  Subsequent video clips   -   $5  per  dance  routine

o  Duplicate DVDs   -   $5  per  DVD  if ordered at time of 

      original purchase

Videos  from  Local  Showcases

Solo  Performances

I have excellent videos of Solo  Performances as there is only one couple on the floor to focus on instead of multiple couples as during the heats.

            o   $ 50  for  1st  video  hosted

            o   $ 20  per  additional  dance  heat  video  hosted

            o   Includes  FREE  upload  of  video  snippet  on  Facebook

            o   FREE  5 X 7  photo  of  your  best  dance  move

Bonus  Offer

We will include with your video uploading service a dozen of our above attractive  Precious Video  business cards to give to your family, friends and colleagues to help them readily access your video on our website.

Photos  from  Showcases

A picture is worth a thousand words especially if it captures you at a fantastic moment

                           4  X  6  photo                  $  10

                           5  X  7  photo                  $  12    

Share  Your  Accomplishments

Dancers who are interested to either have their routines at a forthcoming showcase or competition videoed or have them hosted on our  Precious-Video-Moments website  for viewing by them and their friends (private mode) or to the world at large (public mode) should email me at or call me at (321)328-0805