New Year Eve - 2019

Tom and I decided against the usual New Year Eve's party this year and opted instead to stay home and have our own exclusive party for two.   We 

already had a large decorated Xmas tree as a backdrop and the kitchen and fridge was just round the corner.

Tom had taken scores of videos of me dancing with professional dance instructors and veteran dancers.  He however has no videos of him dancing as

he dances primarily with me and we cannot take selfie videos of ourselves dancing !!!

We thought it would be fun to try and video ourselves dancing in our own home studio instead of on a jam-packed dance floor at the public ballrooms 

and post below the videos we took !!!

Cha Cha

Cha Cha is definitely one of Tom's favorite dances as he knows several routines - grapevine from Lance Sexton, windmill and rotating sweethearts from Wade Branham.


Wished we had someone taking the video as we had to both shorten our strides as well as modify our routines as we had to stay within the line of 

sight of the stationary tripod-mounted camcorder.


This was probably one of the first dances that we learned many years ago when we started along with Cha Cha.   We learned the routines long ago by

watching an intermediate instructional dance video by Ron Montez of Dance Vision USA.


Bolero music wasn't readily available but we decided to dance it any way.  We love dancing Bolero together thanks to a couple of fancy routines taught several years ago by Primo Garcia in his advanced Bolero group class.

These steps have become our signature routines and we cannot imagine dancing Bolero together without them !!!

It is our ardent hope that by next New Year's Eve, Tom & I would be able to have vastly improved our dancing as we plan on having a monthly private