07 - July 2019

Last Sunday,  July 28, 2019 marked a milestone for me.  It was the first time I had not one but 2 new ladies share dance hosting with me.  Elizabeth Frost-Knappman and her friend, Noel Karr and I had a fabulous time being dance hosted in turn by Wade Branham.  You can tell from the videos hosted below  that it was a night to remember !!!

I was thrilled when Linda Hall approached me in early July to ask if she could share dance hosting with Loren and me.  Linda is a veteran dancer and I consider it an honor that she wanted to join in the dance hosting arrangement I had with PRO Dance Instructor, Wade Branham.  My instinct proved right when I reckoned that others would be interested once they saw me being dance hosted by Wade !!!

Elizabeth and Noel had such a wonderful time that they have booked a standing dance hosting engagement for the 2nd and 4th Sundays!!!   40-minute time slots ( 3 ladies sharing 2-hour ) are available for 1st and 3rd Sundays at the Moose Lodge.  Call me at (321)328-0805 for details if you are interested 

to share being dance hosted.

Viennese  Waltz - July 28, 2019

It was the most taxing dance of the night as I tried to keep pace with Wade as he zipped across the dance floor ... Guess I am a long way from dancing Viennese Waltz well ...

West  Coast  Swing - July 28, 2019

Noel was having a really great time dancing WCS with Wade judging by the happy expression on her face ... She obviously love this particular dance.

Hustle - July 28, 2019

Elizabeth had a grand time dancing Hustle with Wade despite the turns

and spins involved ...

Bolero - July 28, 2019

I haven't had many Boleros with Wade before and it showed ... Lots of floor time required before I will look smooth dancing Bolero with Wade.

Swing - July 28, 2019

Noel loves dancing Swing and it shows ... I enjoyed watching her dance

with Wade.

Quickstep - July 228, 2019

Quickstep is a difficult dance but Elizabeth did fine with Wade as he is an

excellent lead.

Samba - July 14, 2019

This was the first time I danced Samba with Wade after taking a couple of lessons from him.  I can feel my improvement although I know that I need lots more practice ...

Tango - July 14, 2019

I love dancing Tango especially with a PRO ... Love dancing various fan variations and other staccato moves ... Wish there was more room on the dance floor to try other fancier steps !!!

Salsa - July 7, 2019

Linda having a wonderful time dancing a fast-paced Salsa with Wade.  I really enjoyed watching her and decided I should learn give Salsa a try the next time I have a chance.

Cha Cha - July 7, 2019

I always enjoy dancing Cha Cha.  I am now trying to dance the fancier steps like the sweetheart with an inside turn and windmill.  Looks like I need quite a bit more floor time to master the moves !!!