Glamping & Staycation

How many of us remember the carefree fun we had decades ago camping?  The hip trend these days is to go glamping ... camping in luxury !!!  There

is also a trend towards staycations where folks have their mini-vacations in place instead of flying off to somewhere exotic.


Thought it might be interesting to get together a group of friends and 

friends of friends to try out if we enjoy glamping.

Tom and I would be happy to host about half a dozen people at our place

if there is interest to check out the concept.

We have 2 guest rooms.  The smaller one has ensuite bathroom with shower while the larger guestroom has an adjoining full bath.  Both guest rooms enjoy full privacy as our 3,000 sf home has a split floor plan.

Others may opt to bring their own air mattresses and simply camp out either on the ballroom floor in air-conditioned comfort or rough it out in the adjoining open rear porch with just a couple of ceiling fans.


Orange Juice, bottled water, ice, tea & coffee will be provided as will

breakfast cereal & milk, English muffins, jam & peanut butter, fresh

fruits for breakfasts on both days.


Lunches will be on  your own account so you can order whatever you

wish.  We will decide at breakfast on both days where we should go for lunch.  We can eat as a group or separately as you wish.


We will have takeouts delivered and shared pot-luck style.   Any special

requests should be made during lunch.

30-Minute  Private  Lessons

The 2 half-hourly private lessons are available for purchase.  Cost is $30

per session for either single or couple.

Staycation with a Difference

The objective is to really get to know one another and develop in-depth

relationships over a brief but meaningful  2 days 1 night program ...

Day 1       9:00 am - 10:00 am    Introductions over Breakfast

               10:00 am - 12:00 pm    Extending Your Retirement Dollars

               12:00 pm -  2:00 pm     Lunch 

                  2:00 pm -  5:00 pm    Investment Club Options

                  5:00 pm -  7:00 pm    Dinner 

                  7:00 pm -  8:00 pm    2  30-minute private lessons*

                  8:00 pm -  9:00 pm    Ballroom  Dancing - Hosted by PRO

                10:00 pm -  Midnight   How  to  Organize  Your  Own  CCRC

       *  Available for optional purchase - $30 per lesson, single or couple

 Day 2        9:00 am - 10:00 am   Reviews over Breakfast

                 10:00 am - 12:00 am   Living  SMARTER  and  SAFER

                 12:00 pm -   2:00 pm   Lunch 

                   2:00 pm -   5:00 pm   How  to  Leave  A  Legacy

                   5:00 pm -   7:00 pm   Dinner 

                   7:00 pm -   9:00 pm   Karaoke

                  10:00 pm -  Midnight  Open  Forum


FREE  Video  FB  Posts 

Will post video snippets of you participating in the workshop sessions,

ballroom dancing or singing karaoke to your Facebook timeline as thank 

you for your support.

My  Credentials

I used to conduct finance, marketing and management workshops for executives in Singapore prior to moving to Florida.  I was charging the equivalent

of US$600 a person back then, some 20 years ago.  I have an MBA from the University of Warwick, one of the top graduate schools in the UK and had

also been a management consultant.  I was also a Commercial Portfolio Manager with Huntington Bank, Florida.

Who  will  Benefit  Most

Anyone who is newly retired or nearing retirement would find the 2-day program particularly useful.  Those who are seeking guidance on how best to

stretch their retirement funds, enrich their golden years and find fulfillment after a life-long career would benefit.

Invest  in  Your  Future

Cost is $300 per person for the 2-day program but couples enjoy a $100 discount and pay only $500.  Anyone or couple staying in the larger guest room

will pay an additional $100 or $75 for the smaller guest room.  Anyone glamping in the ballroom or open rear porch does so for free.  You may also opt

to go home if you prefer and coming back the next morning.  You will however miss out on socializing with one another deep into the night.

Action  to  Take

Take the opportunity to experience something different ... Enjoy the company of those with similar interests ... explore possibilities in how to enrich

your life financially while building deeper friendships and enjoying ballroom dancing and karaoke while glamping at my place.

Email me at or call me at (321)328-0805 for any other information desired.   This is your program so please feel

free to suggest topics you would like covered.   I will schedule the program once I have at least 3 couples interested in checking out a  2-day 1 night

Staycation with a Difference.