0003 - Argentine Tango - Gary

I had taken Argentine Tango group lessons years ago with Ramiz but had not danced it for at least a couple of years.  Decided it

was time to try dancing it again, this time with a different PRO.

April 8 - Boleos, Molinetes & Shadow Routine

Gary taught me a fancy shadow routine at the end of the first

half hour.  I cannot really dance it yet but I know it will look

really great when I do.

April 22 - Boleos, Molinetes, Ganchos & Leg Wrap

Needed more practice on how to dance the shadow routine.  Below is video of me dancing boleos, molinetes, ganchos and

leg wrap.

March 4, 2021 - Cortado, Molinetes, Celecita, Planeo

I was thrilled when Gary kept showing me how to dance a few

of the more advanced steps.

March 19 - Boleos, Molinetes, Ganchos & Pierno

I had a great time practicing the steps that Gary had taught me

the previous lesson a couple of weeks ago.  I was thrilled when

he taught me how to dance ganchos and pierno.

March 4, 2021 - Salida, Cadencia, Ochos, Boleo, Barrida, Paradas

I was hesitant in the initial few minutes but felt elated once I

started remembering many of the steps.