06 - June 2019

We were busy and didn't schedule any lesson for Tom.  I also had to suddenly cancel my monthly lesson with Wade Branham at the Moose Lodge due to a really bad storm.  Wade very graciously came later on that night to dance host me instead.  Featured below are a couple of videos from June 23rd.

One of the regulars, Loren Weller, joined me the next Sunday on June 30, 2019 for shared dance hosting.  We both had a great time dancing in turn with Wade Branham some of our favorite dances.


Tango is one of my favorite smooth dances.  It was a pleasure to dance Tango with Wade as I love dancing the various fan variations ...


This was the first time I had really watched Loren dance ... She was very good indeed ... Mmm ... maybe I should add to my repertoire learn Salsa 

next ...


Loren having a great time dancing Hustle with Wade Branham.  Looking forward to share future dance hosting sessions with her because it will motivate me to improve my skills!


This was only the 3rd time Wade has dance hosted me but I can feel that I have improved.  Dancing with a PRO makes all the difference if you are striving to sharpen your prowess on the dance floor !

Cha Cha 

I really had a blast dancing Cha Cha with Wade on June 23rd.  Cha Cha is one of my favorite Latin dances.


I have danced Bolero with Wade only a couple of times before and it showed in the hesitancy of some of my steps.

Sharing dance hosting makes GREAT sense as it is less taxing on both the wallet as well as our poor feet !   Dancing every dance for a solid hour can 

be a trifle tiring even if exhilarating !!!   

Call me at (321) 328-0805 if you are interested to share being dance hosted by Wade Branham, a PRO Dance Instructor.  Shared sessions can be 

arranged for any Sunday evening dance at the Moose Lodge.

I will post  a 30-second video clip of your best dance to your FB timeline as a thank you for you to share with your family & friends !!!