Ballroom Dancing - Suntree Ballroom

       SUNTREE BALLROOM:  "The best things happen while you're dancing!" Suntree, Indialantic, Fl, 772-214-4645

Dancing at  Suntree  Ballroom  is an  UNIQUE  experience ...  You feel like you are dancing outdoors by the water among the shrubs.   You enjoy a million dollar view  while dancing in air-conditioned comfort ... The ballroom has huge glass walls overlooking a huge lake flanked by beautiful trees.                  Great lively music in a beautiful serene setting and an excellent dance floor await you at the Suntree Ballroom located in Hope Episcopal Church.   It is one half block south of north Wickham Road at 190 Interlachen Road in Suntree.Partner connection points, lead and follow, use of the body when transferring weight and styling   are just a few of the topics that will be discussed in the Friday night group classes & dance parties held every 2 weeks.             

A combination  2  one half hour group lessons plus one hour of dance party designed to get you on the floor dancing!   The next group class and dance party will be on  November  4  (Friday) and Lance  will be teaching  S A L S A .                  8:00 -  8:30 pm   Beginner -  Intermediate                     8:30 - 9.00 pm     Intermediate -  Advanced               9:00 - 10:00 pm     Dance  Party


               Cost is  $15  per person inclusive of group lesson, party and refreshments.

A picture is worth a thousand words but a video is worth ten thousand so hosted below are a few videos for your viewing pleasure.

Group  Class  &  Dance  Party

Group classes & parties are held on Friday night every 2 weeks.

Lance teaches a different dance each time so everyone can learn a few dances in just a couple of months.

You get to dance both smooth as well as Latin routines during the parties that follows the group classes.

Lance  -  Showcasing  with  Students

Shown below is a quick slideshow of some of the more intriguing dance moves executed by Lance and his students during a showcase a couple of years ago.

These are the moments that dancers seek to showcase over and over again to their family and friends.


Jackie Pantello and Lance Sexton dancing a Quickstep routine

at the 2014 Orlando Dance Classic Competition.


Diane Pielow and Lance Sexton showcasing a Samba routine.

Viennese  Waltz

Jackie Pantello and Lance Sexton dancing Viennese Waltz


Yoko Phillips and Lance Sexton dancing a Tango.


Lance & Elena Sexton performing a romantic Waltz routine


Lance & Elena performing a mesmerizing Bolero routine

Dancers  Aspiring  to  Showcase  or  Compete

Lance is  AWESOME ...  He can make most ladies look  fabulous  on the dance floor like few other instructors.  You dramatically increase your odds when dancing with him.   Click  here  for  Lance's  professional  profile.    He is one of Florida's top dance instructors and many who showcase or compete take Private Lessons from him.

Private  Lessons

You don't necessarily have to showcase or compete to take private lessons.  Sometimes it is not time-efficient to learn from a group class if you wish to progress quickly or try out the more complex routines.   This is where it pays to take private lessons.

Social  Dancing

Try out their introductory package ...  It is very much value for money ...  You will be surprised how much progress you can make just by attending a couple of lessons !!!  Ladies should just encourage their men to try out in the casual setting of the group classes.

Private  Group  Classes

You can  CUSTOMIZE   a group lesson to your particular choice of dance or skill level if you can organize a group together.   Talk with Elena if you have at least 8 people interested.

Friday  Night  Group  Class  &  Dance  Party

Practice makes perfect.  You can be a good dancer only if you have enough floor time.  There is no better way to hone your dancing skills than dancing with Lance and Elena every other Friday night at their beautiful Suntree Ballroom.

                                                                              Give Yourself or Loved Ones an Unforgettable Gift