001 - February 2020

We had been busy renovating our house and it was finally completed.  My pride and joy was the "ballroom" with adjoining kitchenette and bathroom that I had built myself by pulling out the whole rear of my house !!!  Tom built himself an upscale

"man cave" with panoramic windows overlooking lake with fountain.

What better way to celebrate than have dancing friends christen my brand new dance floor with a Potluck Dinner and engaging

a PRO Dance Instructor to dance host the ladies!

Tom & I were elated when a dozen friends showed up and showered us with compliments about our renovation.   We danced for a solid 2 hours after dinner.   Bonus for the ladies was being dance hosted in turn by Wade Branham.  The ladies obviously enjoyed dancing with him.

Potluck  Dinner

We promptly sat down for Potluck Dinner around 6:00 pm.  We provided a sweet and sour chicken dish and Black Angus Italian style meatballs.  There was lots of delicious food brought by the guests.  Victor even brought wine.


Wade with Yoko, Victor with Mabella, and Willy with Gail

dancing Swing to kick off the evening.

Waltz - Yoko Phillips with Wade Branham

Yoko dancing a solo routine with Wade - It was a pleasure

to watch them floating across my brand new floor!

Tango - Margaret Hicks with Wade Branham

Margaret dancing Tango with Wade.  Also on the floor were

Willy with Gail.

Swing - Mabella Mardones with Wade Branham

Mabella dancing Swing with Wade.  Willy and Gail were also

on the floor.

Rumba - Ilona Henessey with Wade Branham

Ilona dancing Rumba with Wade.  Guests were in the other

room socializing and probably enjoying dessert.

Bolero - Kimberly with Wade Branham

Kimberly dancing Bolero with Wade.  Willy with Gail and

Victor with Mabella were also on the floor.

Samba - Yoko Phillips with Wade Branham

Yoko dancing Samba with Wade while the rest of us watched. 

It is one of the dances that I need to work on.


5 couples were on the floor - Victor with Mabella, and Wade with Ilona.  Tom, Willy and Gail were showing Kimberly, Nancy and Steve how to dance the basics.


Willy with Gail and Victor with Mabella were dancing Salsa while

Wade was demonstrating to Nancy and Kimberly how to dance

the basic side and front and back footwork.

We ended the evening around 9:00 pm since it was a Wednesday night and several of the guests had to work the next day.  It had

been a wonderful evening of delicious food, great conversation and delightful ballroom dancing hosted by Wade.