Amazing Wedding Videos

The most memorable event in most people's lives is their wedding.  A wedding is probably the most poignant occurrence for women everywhere regardless of race, nationality, creed or age.

Photographs no matter how well taken, can never compete with the completeness and sounds of a video.  A video enables the bride and groom, their parents, families, friends, colleagues and even strangers to share in their glorious moments as they exchange vows and rings, their 1st kisses and/or dance as husband and wife.

Traditional Video Services

Our hourly charge is $100 and we require a minimum of 3 hours.  We will give you a HD DVD with a title menu for easy navigation.  Your wedding DVD will have a custom designed jacket cover featuring the newly weds like the ones below : -

Video Hosting & Facebook Promotion

Almost everyone has family and friends who are unable to attend their wedding, especially those who live out of state or country.  The most convenient way of sharing your auspicious day with them is to simply host  highlights  of  your  wedding  on our video website.  We will also post to your Facebook timeline video snippets with links to your videos so your family & friends (private mode) or everyone (public mode) can immediately watch them.


        Tom and Margaret receiving their Holy Communion

        and exchanging their 1st kiss as husband and wife at

        St Mary Catholic Church in Rockledge on May 30, 1998.

         The first video hosted on our

          website and promoted via a snippet on the happy couple's

          timeline costs  $50

                               The 2nd video hosted and snippet posted cost  $30

                               and the 3rd video/snippet cost only  $20

                                A  50%  discount applies if we are hired as the

                                wedding videographer

For those with photos only

All is not lost for those brides and grooms and their families and friends who had not taken videos of their weddings.  You can easily and inexpensively give yourselves or loved ones a  FANTASTIC  wedding  gift  by asking us to set up for them a  Wedding  Page  using just the wedding photos.  Below is a slideshow using photos taken almost 2 decades ago, long before HD digital photos !

Cost of set-up for a simple webpage is $30 inclusive of half a dozen images provided by you.  Cost for uploading the next 6 photos would be $3 each and only $2 for the next half dozen.   We would be happy to include at no additional cost a complimentary video slideshow complete with transitions and music for any order valued at $60 ( web page with 18 photos )It would be viable to create a slideshow with transitions and music if you have at least a dozen photos.  Cost would be the same as for photos except that any photo beyond the initial 18 images ($60) would be charged at only $1 each.

For those whose  wedding videos are on VHS

It is very inconvenient these days to watch anything that is not on a DVD.  You may not even be hooked up to play a VHS any more!  The odds are good that your wedding video is probably on a VHS if you had married more than a decade ago.  It is viable to convert your VHS wedding video into a DVD to conveniently enjoy or share with your family and friends.  

A lot depends on the quality of your original VHS video.  You should not have a problem if the video is taken either  indoor  or outdoors.   The problem arises when the video is taken indoors but there is light saturation from outside through huge picture windows as shown in below video.

Tom and Margaret being teased by guests at their 

 wedding reception at Sweetwaters Restaurant

 It is possible to convert your VHS video into a standard DVD

 This is from a VHS home video from  2  decades ago !

Action  Plan

Email  or call Margaret at  (321) 328-0805  if are interested to engage us to video your wedding or if you want further information about setting up a Wedding Page either for yourselves or as a  UNIQUE  Wedding or  Anniversary  gift for a family or friend.