Alberta, CANADA

We flew from Las Vegas to Edmonton ( 2nd leg of our mega trip ) on board Air Alaska.  It was a very interesting flight because it was a prop-jet and thus flew at a much lower altitude than most jets.  We saw endless snow-covered mountains and Margaret felt that her odds were good that she would finally get to see falling snow during our 2-week stay in Edmonton.


We arrived around midnight and it was cold.  We woke up the next morning to find a thin film of white on the lawn.  It had snowed overnight though it was only mid October.

Impromptu Fashion Show

Margaret even put on a little impromptu fashion show of her travel clothes during one of the snow storms for her first cousin with whom we were staying. 

Winter 2012 had come early and there were a couple of snow storms during the next week or two ... perfect for us.

En Route to Drumheller

Sis Tessie and her husband, Andrew took us out on a long day trip to Drumheller to visit the world famous Royal Tyrrell Museum. 

It had snowed heavily the night and we saw many winter scenes which we wouldn't ordinarily have seen.

Making her  FIRST  Snow Angel

I had an unforgettable day en route.  We passed a roadside picnic area which looked like a postcard winter scene and stopped to soak in the ambience.  

I had been to many snow-covered mountains including the Swiss Alps for vacation but this was my first encounter with virgin snow freshly fallen.  I excitedly laid on the snow to make my very first snow angel. !!!

Royal Tyrrell Museum

Unbelievable  Dinosaur  Exhibits

Words alone don't do justice ... Click on video below for a 4-minute video trip of the world famous dinosaur museum in Drumheller, Alberta. 

Spooky Halloween Snowman

Below is a clip of me trying in vain to build my first snowman.  Unfortunately the snow was too dry to do so and I had to settle for a spooky Halloween snowman instead.

Halloween 2012

Tom and me with the spooky Snowman I tried to build on the back porch.  The neighborhood's children came knocking for candies

all night long ...

Early Winter 2012 in Edmonton

We left in the wee hours of November 1st  for Singapore.  We had to clear the driveway the day before.  It had been a FABULOUS 2 weeks simply because my prayers were answered and I got to experience what it was like living up north during winter although it was only late October.

Winter Scenes