005 - Bolero with Gary

I danced for the first time with Gary Weidenmoyer on June 25, 2020 when he came to my brand new home studio to give me a private lesson.  I was excited but apprehensive as I had not been dancing since the March Covid 19 lockdown and was about to dance with  a PRO who had been on Broadway in his younger days !!!

Will feature below videos documenting my progress ...

February 20, 2021

Margaret dancing Bolero at the first hosted dance of the new

year 2021

April 22, 2021 - Ripple Routines & Sliding Doors

Dancing a couple of different Ripple routines and Sliding Doors and Spiral Turns.

1st Lesson - June 25, 2020

September 24, 2020

Margaret dancing Ripples, Walkaround into Side to Side and Sliding Doors

This was my initial lesson and was simply an opportunity for Gary and I to get a feel of who he is as a Dance Instructor and    of who I am as a student as regards my dancing skills.

We danced Waltz as a warm up followed by Tango and ended with Bolero.  I knew soon into the hour that I had struck gold in engaging Gary as my Dance Instructor and would improve by leaps and bounds.

Bolero - Sways, Grapevine, Double Spins & Swivels