Ballroom Dancing - Melbourne Ballroom

It is hard to find a more enjoyable venue to dance than Melbourne Ballroom, right here on Wickham Road in Brevard County.  It has a huge floor which is great for dances like Quickstep, Viennese Waltz, Tango and Samba.

Another welcome feature is that there have ample room for table setup so patrons can conveniently put down their drinks and snacks whenever they feel like getting onto the dance floor.

Friday Night Dances

Barry and Kristan Johnson are the owners and are always present at their Friday night dances which kick off with an hour group lesson at 7.00 pm followed by their high-energy 2-hour dance.

Monthly Dinner Dance

A Dinner Dance is offered once a month,  usually on the 2nd or 3rd Friday. 

Ballroom & Latin Music

The resident DJ is Clarence Woodley and he plays non-stop music featuring both Ballroom as well as Latin numbers.  He sometimes throw in the occasional Country routine or line dance.


Melbourne Ballroom hosts a couple of showcases a year to enable their patrons to exhibit the various dance routines they have been learning.

Showcase  Your  Dancing  Skills

It takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears to achieve a competitive level of dancing.  Most of us would never make the grade.  Melbourne Ballroom is however determined to nurture as many hopefuls as possible and have done a fantastic job as proven by the many championships their students have won over the years.

The key way they nurture talent is by hosting showcases at their beautiful ballroom.   I have uploaded a couple of videos for your viewing pleasure.

I  have taken video clips of many of the routines performed.  I can upload the videos onto the Dancing at Melbourne Ballroom section at the top of my Precious-Video-Moments  Youtube  Channel.  I will then give you your unique youtube url to email onto whomever you wish.  You can choose to have your dance routine viewable only to your circle of friends.  Alternatively,  you can elect to have your dance routine viewable to the public.  The choice is yours.

Anyone interested to have their dance number immortalized should contact me to have it uploaded onto Youtube so all their family, friends and colleagues can view them as and when convenient. 

Put on Your Dancing Shoes

There is no better way to kick off your weekend than to dance your heart out.  An added bonus is that Melbourne Ballroom always put out a delicious spread for their patrons  -  soft drinks, cakes, crackers, meatballs and lots of fresh fruits.  You can also bring your own liquor if you so choose.