Margaret  Hicks,  MBA, FCIS

I am a young retiree with an interesting academic and professional background.  I grew up in Singapore but am currently living in the States.      I am bi-lingual in English and Mandarin.   I was a corporate trainer and business consultant in Singapore prior to being a Commercial Portfolio Manager with Huntington Bank in Florida.

I earned my MBA from one of Europe's top graduate schools  -  Warwick Business School at the University of  Warwick in England.   Warwick consistently ranks in the top ten of all major rankings of British universities and is the only multi-faculty institution aside   from the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge to have never been ranked outside of the top ten.   It is ranked as the world's third   best university under 50 years (and first in Europe) and as the world's 9th best university based on employer reputation.   Entrance    is competitive, with around 8.25 applicants per place for undergraduate studies.

I have laid out below the milestones in my professional life.  Nothing is a better credential than glowing references from paying clients.   I have included brief snippets of  written  testimonials  I had received for the seminars I had given.   I hope it gives you a sense of who I am and how I can help you.


         *        Featured as a 3-page article in March 1992 issue of                                    CALIBRE  -  The  Magazine  for  Achievers                                        as a  corporate  trainer to watch.

         *       Received several plaques for hosting national and                          international conferences.

         *       Awarded prizes in Toastmasters Speech Contests.

         *       President of Ernst & Whinney Toastmasters Club

         *       Vice President - Education  of  Toastmasters Club of                    Singapore ( pioneer public club )


        *       Extremely articulate   -   Particularly adroit in  written                                                                          communications

        *       Ghost-writing  executive  releases

        *       Strong background in business practices with special                      emphasis on financial analysis of corporate results               

Testimonals   -   Financial  Seminars

 " My colleagues and I are unanimous     in agreeing that the course was of  great value and extremely well put together.  As we had some 13   nationalities  who were senior executives  of   16  overseas companies within the Group, the course could  truly  be  considered  an International one." ....... Ian Ingram,  Managing Director,  INCHCAPE  INSPECTION  &  TESTING  SERVICES  (S)  PTE  LTD

Professional  Experience

         *        Commercial  Portfolio  Manager   -   Huntington  Bank

                   Responsible for managing a  $120  million commercial                               portfolio and was involved in both underwriting as                                 well as monitoring the various loans

         *         Operations  Consultant   -   Space Coast Credit Union

                    Streamlined  mortgage  processing  operations  and                                   financial reporting and analysis for full range of                                      mortgage  products

         *        Owner/Manager,  Avant-Garde  Training  Associates

                   Designed, marketed and conducted many financial,                                    marketing and management programs for top                           managers  as well as  executives at the operating                           level

                   Conducted  seminars  in  : -

                    1)   Finance  for  Non-Financial  Managers

                    2)   Where  Have  All  the  Profits  Gone ?

                    3)   Financial  Analysis for Non-Financial Managers

                    4)   Effective  Selling  Skills

                    5)   Sharpening  Your  Presentation  Skills

                    6)   Improving  Managerial  Effectiveness

                    7)   Effective  Interpersonal  Communication

                    8)   Problem-Solving  &  Decision-Making


         *          Senior  Consultant   -   Ernst & Whinney Consultants

         *           Manager/Director   -   BSL  Associates  

Testimonial   -   Marketing  &  Management  Seminars

" Your lectures were well planned and thought-provoking.  The subject matter was relevant and encouraged a practical approach to managerial problems and the use of lateral thought.  We found the course material to be most interesting and the text will be  invaluable   as a reference source as we seek to improve ourselves and manage inevitable change." ........Capt  T  Bearder,  Managing  Director,  SWAN  HUNTER  SINGAPORE  PTE  LTD

" ..... attended by our representatives and executives from  ASEAN  countries, Taiwan and Korea.  Your programme was  interesting, informative  and  practical  which  benefited  the  attendees extensively.  We would certainly consider engaging your services in our future sales meetings.".......Lawrence Gan,  Divisional Manager - Far East,  STANLEY  WORKS  ASIA  PACIFIC  PTE  LTD

" Seminars were a  tremendous  success.  You were able to  relate examples and incidences relevant and illustrations were key in bringing home the concepts." ........ J P Wong, Financial Controller,  METHODE  ELECTRONICS  FAR  EAST  PTE  LTD

" .......evaluated as  interesting  and  recommended  for  all  senior  officers.  Margaret was favorably evaluated by participants of the two courses  conducted." .......  To King Yok,  Course  Co-Ordinator,  PORT   OF  SINGAPORE  AUTHORITY

" had  very  good  feedback on the way the course was conducted.  Finance  has  always  been a  dry  subject but  you  have  made  it interesting  and  insightful. " ...........Wong Mee Lee, Training Manager,  CITIBANK

"..... for the managers and executives from the different Asian branches of our group SITA.  I have particularly appreciated your professionalism and dynamism, to conduct this seminar, being convinced that all of us will have benefited from it." ....................Patrice Colombelli,  Managing Director,  SITACLEAN  Technologies (S) Pte Ltd

" courses were  very  useful and applicable.  They have found you very knowledgeable and experienced.  Your cases were practical and extensive.  You are confident and effective in delivering your lectures."  ...... Zainan bt Mustafa, Group Financial Controller,  JOHORE  STATE  ECONOMIC  DEVELOPMENT  CORPORATION

" ...... found you had extensive knowledge and experience to really give them a very interesting, lively and fruitful discussion." .. Ling Chong Ngiu,  General Manager,  SANYO  AIRCONDITIONERS MFG  (S)  PTE  LTD

"Her course materials was well integrated and relevant to  practical business applications." ...... Azizah Dahlan, Corporate Affairs Manager,  ERICSSON  TELECOMMUNICATIONS            SDN  BHD

"Margaret was found to be  lively, knowledgeable and professional in her approach.  Most importantly, the seminar enlightened the participants, who are non-financial personnel, on financial matters and we believe that it had certainly benefited them." .......Mavis W Y Soh, Personnel Manager,  KES  SYSTEMS  &  SERVICE  PTE  LTD