Ballroom Dancing - Dancin' Dance

Dancin' Dance held its Fall Showcase on November 13, 2016 at the Rialto Hilton in Melbourne.  Several dance instructors and their students entertained those who attended with a complete spectrum of both Smooth and Latin routines.  I will post, over time, videos of some of  the routines for your viewing pleasure.

The solo routines are hosted below but the Tango,  Hustle, Cha Cha, Bolero, Rumba, Waltz, Argentine Tango, East Coast Swing and Tango dance heats are featured on the next page.

Argentine  Tango

Tara Langhorne dancing with Lance Sexton.  Tara is undoubtedly a  RISING  STAR  -  gorgeous lines interspersed with stunning lifts and drops ...


James Malchisky dancing a sassy Foxtrot solo routine with Heidi Arnold


Harriet Heuser dancing Bolero with Primo Garcia

Viennese  Waltz

Sally Brennan dancing Viennese Waltz with Lance Sexton


Millie Nyman dancing an mesmerizing solo routine with Alan Williams

Paso Doble/Cha Cha Medley

April Balmer dancing a hot solo medley with Phil Gaskin

Samba/West Coast Swing Medley

Frank Huber dancing a medley routine with Heidi Arnold


Leota Borbash dancing Tango with Robert Lawton


Tanya Shirer dancing a solo routine in Rumba with Primo Garcia

East Coast Swing

Noah Wolkenstein dancing a solo routine in East Coast Swing with Heidi Arnold

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