Aging  in  Place

Golden Girls is one of my favorite TV sitcoms.  I intend to become one of the Golden Girls should I survive my husband.  The key to aging in place instead of having to move to either assisted living or nursing home is to have a plan in place long before you need assistance.


I don't see why seniors can't live varying versions of the Golden Girls.  Different strokes for different folks.  You could have simply 2, 3 or 4 seniors co-habitating together of either gender or even mixed, depending on preferences and size of the residence.


The key is to have an open mind and keep your eyes and ears open long before the need to set up co-housing arises.   The benefits are many.  Everyone knows that it is cheaper to live as two than one, let alone having 3 or more co-housing under one roof.  Sharing a car also would really cut back living expenses for those watching their budgets.


More important than money is the security aspect.  I never want to live alone.  Security and companionship are more than a fair exchange for loss of some privacy.  The more alert you are to folks around you who are compatible to your life style and interests, the better the odds that co-housing will work.  Start by asking yourself what is the likely profile of your desired housemates and be on the lookout.

                                            *     Age  Range  Desired

                                            *     Gender  Preferred

                                            *     Rental  Required  ( Optional )

                                            *     Owns  Vehicle  ( Optional )

                                            *      Recreational  Interests  ( Movies, Dining, Ballroom Dancing etc )

Finding the right housemates can be a daunting task.  It really is never too early to start.  Just build up a list of possibilities by always bringing up the issue of co-housing in the really senior years with folks who either have children who live a long distance away or who are childless.