Precious Video Moments

Capture Your Special Occasions

Don't you wish that all of your  special moments in life can be immortalized?   Better still, wouldn't it be great if you could readily   share those wonderful times with your family, friends and colleagues?

It isn't how long you live, it is your memories that count!!!   What better way to preserve your precious moments than by immortalizing them on video.   Life is also about sharing, especially your special times.  You cannot do better than by hosting your videos onto a website and then telling your family, friends and colleagues to check them out.

      Email or call Margaret if you would like to consider setting

      up your own  Wedding  web page  on our video website to  

      host your wedding videos  to share with your family, friends

      and colleagues, near and far, at any time convenient to them.     

A picture is worth a thousand words but a video is worth ten thousand !!!

Nothing can capture  your  moment  in  the  limelight  better than a video !

Event organisers would greatly enhance their promotional appeal by hosting videos of past showcases and/or competitions on their websites and Facebook posts.


         Calving at Marjorie Glacier in Glacier Bay,  ALASKA      


You can choose to host videos or pictures or a combination of whatever events ( weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, showcases, special celebrations,  travel memories etc ) you wish. 

We are also able, within reason, to salvage videos that have been taken in dim light and are too dark to view.   Click here to view        before  and  after  effects of video enhancement.

Ways of Sharing Your Videos

Youtube is the vogue these days.  You can upload your video    and email the link onto your friends.  You can host your video     as private, accessible only to you and your friends.    

Alternatively, you can host your video as public, accessible          to everyone.  The choice is yours.

Precious  Video  Moments

We would be happy to video you and your loved ones at their : -


o   Sweet Sixteen

o   Birthdays

o   Anniversaries

o   Baptisms


o   Recitals

o   Karaoke

 Dance Showcases

Bonus  Offer

The practical drawback of hosting on Youtube is that it is impossible to remember the computer-generated url.  You will thus not be able to readily promote your videos by word of mouth as and when the opportunity arises.  You can get round this problem by hosting your videos on a website as the url is much easier to remember.

You can simply tell your family, friends and colleagues to view your videos at : -


We will give you a dozen of our attractive business cards to hand out to your friends.  Tell them to simply click your name on the website menu on the left to view your videos.

Professional  Fee

A base fee will be charged for our professional video services to cover travel and time costs for Tom to video the event.  Please email us details of your event ( location, DVD or Youtube uploads ) and we will contact you to discuss quotes.

The key attraction is that  your friends can access your video immediately upon receipt of your email giving them the link.      The drawback is that the quality is not true high definition.


You get  true  high  definition  quality  video of  your  special moments.  The drawback is that your friends will have to physically receive your DVD before they can view your video.

Your HD DVD will come with titles and credits as well as a   custom design DVD menu where appropriate.

Email  or  Call  Us

We all want in particular to commemorate our accomplishments, whether it be in business or leisure.  It takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears, not to mention, time and money, to achieve.  Everyone who is the star of the moment ( competitions, showcases ) should post a video of themselves to share with the world at large.

Email or call us now and we will see what we can do to help you share your special moments as cost-effectively as possible.