Ballroom Dancing - Granada Pavilion

An  Evening  to  Remember

Our mega holiday started off with a bang.  Tom and I went ballroom dancing the night after we flew into Los Angeles from Melbourne, Florida.  It was certainly a night to remember!!!

         I am not sufficiently competent to showcase but when I was out in California on   

         vacation, I decided to go all out on the town  ... dressed up fancy and engaged a

         professional dance host.

         The evening of October 5, 2012 is forever etched in my psyche.  I have been

         ballroom dancing for a few years now and have taken group lessons as well

         as a few private lessons.   I have however never danced in a showcase before

         and often wondered what the experience would be like.

         The Granada Pavilion in Granada Hills, California, not far from Hollywood, was          quite a ballroom.  What is unforgettable however is how it felt to be dressed up          and dancing with a pro.   There were certainly moments when I felt like the belle         of the ball.  I know that I was quite the center of attention, primarily because the         dance host, Spencer, was simply fabulous and made me look as though I was          a good dancer!

           The heart-breaking part of the otherwise perfect evening was that I only had

           with me a cheap travel camera and not my Canon camcorder.   All I have of

           my very special evening are a few photos and half a dozen videos which

           unfortunately are of poor quality due to the very low lighting in the ballroom.