Turnkey  Solutions for Home-Based Businesses

Promoting  Your  Products  &  Services

Help us to help you sell your products and services online.   Many people are rather reluctant to build an online presence because they think that they are not internet savvy enough.   It is  NO  longer true that you need to be a computer whiz to sell online.

Time is money and struggling entrepreneurs simply cannot afford the time and effort to go through the learning curve themselves if they have never set up a webpage before or been employed their whole lives.

We focus on hand-holding you through your initial birth pangs of setting up your products and services online.   Feel free to call us about any issues you need assistance with and we will help you the best we can.

Building  An  Online  Presence

The first task is to secure an online presence.  In today's market, this is an absolute necessity rather than an option.  An online presence makes the world your potential market.

More importantly, an online presence enables you to  promote  your products and services in a very cost effective manner that is just  NOT  possible otherwise.

Joint  Marketing

Email a  brief  description  of  your  products  and  services to us if  you  would  like  to  participate  in  joint   marketing  via  our

LivingSMARTER   Marketing  Cooperative.

We will work with you on how best to showcase your business if we feel that your products or services fit with our focus on catering to seniors.

We will offer  free   webhosting for the initial  8  businesses.  In return, you are required to order at least  250  business cards featuring the web address www.livingSMARTERandSafer.com/your company name so we know you are co-promoting the site.

Cost is a very nominal  $25  for your 250 color business cards.

Action  Plan

         *     Set up a simple webpage to feature products or services

         *     Set up Paypal account to accept online payments

         *      Incorporate Paypal onto your webpage 

         *      Print name cards

         *      Distribute name cards to clients, prospects & friends

WebPage  Design

We offer webpage design services to those who don't wish to invest the time and effort needed to put their products and services online.

We charge  $30  for a  single  webpage featuring   2   images  or  a   2-minute    video clip.

Receiving  Online  Payments

We will assist you in setting up Paypal on your webpage so you can sell your products and services online without worrying about whether or not you will get paid.

We will charge you a one-time setup fee of  $30  to install the Paypal button and shipping options onto your webpage.

We are confident that over time, working collaboratively together, we can help you build  viable  home-based  businesses.   It is always a good idea to market test before diving in as money once spent is gone.  Your basic approach will differ depending on your particular products and services and your target market.

Let's be honest - it takes money to make money.   It costs to buy market share if you are starting out and are up against established competitors.  You need to be realistic about what is achievable and adjust your operations accordingly.

Those who are retirees, voluntary or otherwise, are best suited to set up a small or home-based business.  Money is not necessarily the primary focus for many retirees.  What we are seeking is more intangible   -   we want to regain our sense of vibrancy   -   the feeling that there is more to being retired than just marking time watching TV, playing golf, shopping, gardening or the grandkids.

Help us to help  YOU   set up and promote your  very  own  home-based  business by joining our  LivingSMARTER  Marketing  Cooperative.  Our charges are very nominal because being retirees ourselves, we don't need to live off our start-up business.