Athabasca Falls - Athabasca Glacier - Canmore - Lake Louise - Johnston Canyon - Moraine Lake - Bow Summit - Bow Falls - Wildlife alongside Icefields Parkway

We saw the Athabasca Falls en route to the massive Athabasca Glacier around noon on July 9, 2008 ( Day 18 ) of our mega coast-to-coast driving tour from Melbourne, Florida.  

You can enjoy a quick virtual tour of Pyramid Lake, Maligne Canyon, Maligne Lake & Spirit Island and Mt Edith Cavel by clicking here.

Athabasca  Falls

The thundering sounds of the crashing water could be heard long before you actually see the Athabasca Falls.  We couldn't resist posing with our precious poodle, Perky, whom we had brought with us on the trip !

Athabasca  Glacier

The Athabasca Glacier appeared more impressive from afar as we drove towards it rather than close up.  You could go on a special excursion onto the glacier itself but we gave it a miss as I had done so on a previous trip.

Canmore  to  Lake  Louise

We stayed at the Rocky Mountain Ski Lodge for a week while exploring the surrounding area.  We had a fabulous time - great amenities and a stunning

view of snow-capped mountains right outside our lodge.  We cooked ourselves great meals indoors as well as on the road !

Lake  Louise

We arrived at the world famous Lake Louise on July 12, 2008 ( Day 21 ) and had a fantastic time exploring the nature walking trails alongside the scenic lake framed on one side by impressive mountains and the gorgeous Lake Louise Chateau on the other.

Johnson  Canyon

We visited our 2nd canyon in Alberta the next day and were rewarded with amazing vistas of twin falls and turquoise swirling pools at their bases.

Elk  in  the  Wild

We were driving along the Icefields Parkway when we suddenly saw a gorgeous elk alongside the road !!!

Moraine  Lake

We visited our last famous glacial lake on July 14 (Day 23) a couple of days before driving back across the Canadian border into Butte in Montana.  We hated leaving as it was very scenic yet serene.

Bow  Summit

It was overcast the day we trekked up Bow Summit.  It was quite challenging. Unfortunately, the vista was marred by foggy rain by the time we arrived at the summit.

Bow  Falls

Bow Falls wasn't as majestic as some of the waterfalls we had seen earlier but what made this one special was that we had our precious poodle, Perky with us and he posed for pictures with us !!!

Icefields  Parkway

It is one of the most scenic highways in Alberta.   We will definitely drive the Icefields Parkway ( Hwy 93 ) again should the opportunity arise.

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