USA Dance - Free Mall Ball

I promoted USA Dance Chapter 6003's inaugural annual Mall Ball to friends of mine and at least 3 of them attended.  They also enthusiastically 

supported the Precious-Video-Moments Dance & Social Club that I just launched.  We look forward to attend future dance and social events as a 

group rather than individually as it is a lot more fun.

I will host below videos of the best routines for your enjoyment and also a couple of Open Dancing dances by spectators attending the event.

Salsa - Salsa Heat

Really hot & spicy routine by 5 talented couples ... it definitely ups the 

ante on how salsa should be danced !!!

Rumba - Open Dancing 

The afternoon started off great for me ... Wade Braham, a dance instructor,

asked me to dance Rumba with him during the very first open dancing !!

Bolero - Barry & Kristan Johnson

Barry & Kristan kicked off the event with a lovely Bolero routine ... loved

the dips !!!

WCS - Dakota Anderson & Michelle Eskew

A very entertaining WCS incorporating some very interesting moves

which had the crowd cheering !!!

Cha Cha - Open Dancing

Will never forget about USA Dance's 1st inaugural annual Mall Ball 

because to my surprise, my husband, Tom, actually danced in public

outside of the ballrooms !!!

Waltz - James Malchisky & Tara Langhorne 

James Malchisky & Tara Langhorne, April Balmer & Hans Huseby and 

Lynn Coppola & Noah Wolkenstein danced the first Waltz performance

of the event.

Lindy Hop - Julian Reyes & Lettie Andrade

Easily one of the most energetic performances of the event ... the crowd

was suitably impressed.

WCS - Jae Miley & Bob Kane

An interesting performance which wowed the spectators towards the 

close of the event.

Waltz - Eileen & Don Wilson

It was both an audio as well as visual treat ... haunting music as well as

gorgeous lines of a beautiful Waltz !!!

Bolero - Open Dancing

Thrilled that Tom & I had the opportunity to dance the Open Cross Body

Lead with Syncopated Turns though I wish I had done it more gracefully ...

I am starting a Dance & Social Club for anyone interested in improving their skills by sharing private dance lessons, practice parties hosted by Dance Instructor, Karaoke & Potluck parties and enrichment workshops for social networking outside of just dancing.   We will get more value for our money

if we purchase private lessons en-bloc instead of individually.  

A video is without doubt far superior to a picture.  Dance is all about  M O V E M E N T !!!    I will take and post for you a 15 to 30 seconds video 

snippet to your Facebook timeline as my thanks for your support.