Dance Heats

I will be hosting below, over time, a sampling of the dance heats from Dancin' Dance 2016 Fall Showcase for your viewing pleasure.  I will attempt to host at least one heat for each dance.

You can access complete videos of the Argentine Tango, Foxtrot, Bolero, Paso Doble/Cha Cha medley, Tango, Rumba and East Coast Swing  solo routines  on the previous page.

Tango - Tara Langhorne with Lance Sexton

Hustle - Nate Watson with Elena Sexton

Samba - Betty Grumm with Lance Sexton

Cha Cha - Keith Condatore with Heidi Arnold

Bolero - Kathy Stetler with Alan Williams

Rumba - April Balmer with Brad Stein

Waltz - Betty Grumm with Lance Sexton

Argentine Tango - Nate Watson with Elena Sexton

East Coast Swing - Helena Alexander with Barry Johnson

Tango - Victoria Crowley with Brad Stein

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