Life  Coach

Don't you sometime wish that you could just phone someone to talk about an issue that is on your mind.  You may want some information or seeking a second opinion. 

I am a young retiree with an interesting academic and professional background.  I grew up in Singapore but now live in the States.  I am bi-lingual in English and Mandarin.   I was a corporate trainer and business consultant in Singapore prior to being a Commercial Portfolio Manager with Huntington Bank in Florida.

I don't quite know why but folks have always been drawn to me for advice my whole life.   I would get family and friends and friends of friends calling me for advice.  Quite often, the issues were personal ones and not just about work or business!

Retirement  Strategies

It took me a long time and a lot of effort to become familiar with the retirement system here  -   401Ks, Traditional IRAs, ROTHs etc.  The rules are so complex that it is not uncommon for even the banks to make mistakes.  I would be happy to brief you if you are interested to quickly know the key pros and cons of the different IRAs.

Aged  Parents & Childless Relatives

My dad passed on a couple of years ago leaving my mom aged and living alone back in Singapore since I now live in the States. She has a live-in maid to care for her.  My parents-in-law were both in a nursing home prior to passing on.

My husband and I have both been through the trials and tribulations of caring for sickly and aged parents, both near (his) and far (mine).   It is very important, depending on circumstances, that caregivers have an opportunity to vent their frustrations.

Earlier this year we had to suddenly step in and help Tom's uncle when his health sharply declined at 85.   We now have him settled into a lovely assisted living facility just minutes from us but it was a frustrating and time-consuming ordeal.

Our experiences probably make us lay experts in eldercare - evaluating cost and value of  home care versus assisted living and nursing home.   We will be happy to share our experiences if you are looking for inputs about care-giving for aged parents or childless relatives.

Social  Security

Should you apply for Social Security early at 62 or wait till full retirement age (FRA) to avoid penalty or delay till 70 to earn delay credit of 32% on your payout at FRA?   Answer critically depends on whether your spouse is an equal earner or is considerably younger.  The wrong choice could cost many tens of thousands

of dollars over your lifetimes.

I am a financial  professional and would be happy to answer your questions without any bias whatsoever as I have no conflict of interest.  I am simply interested to get to know folks like ourselves.


My husband and I have been to Canada several times, all over the States, Thailand and Singapore.  We also spent 3 months on a driving tour of New Zealand.

Prior to meeting my husband, I  had traveled quite extensively on my own mostly with Contiki  -  8 weeks in  Europe, 3 weeks in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, thrice to Australia, once to Philippines and China.

We have been on conducted tours as well as self-drive tours.  We have also been on home and hospitality exchanges.   We will be happy to share our stories with anyone interested.


RINKS  is an acroyname for Retired Independent No Kids.   We are a minority class as most couples have children even if they live out of state.  We believe that childless couples have unique issues as they get on in life.

We would like to start a cyber community for folks like ourselves so we can lean on one another and perhaps find mutually beneficial creative solutions to our unique needs.

FREE  15-Minute  Initial  Phone  Consultation

I am offering a  free  15-minute  initial  phone  consultation to anyone interested and who is willing to refer  3  of their colleagues or friends to check out our website.   Please take a moment to check out my  profile  to gauge if you would like to have a phone consultation.

Email me a brief description of the issue you wish to discuss to help me better able to help you.   Let's help one another build our respective home-based businesses.