Home-Based Business

Many of us were too caught up in building our career and/or raising a family to attempt building a business.  Well, our time has finally come now that we are retired. 


We now have time, talent and perhaps some start-up funds to start a home-based business instead of just playing golf, watch TV or cruise the internet aimlessly.


The biggest obstacle is that logistics involved (minimum order quantities, shipping costs, marketing etc) severely hamper the start-up home-based business.  One effective way to counter this is to create among seniors a resource base where folks can offer their expertise to one another at prices that are viable.  Seniors can offer their time and talent at much lower prices to each other because they are not living off the income generated.  They are doing this as their part-time home-based business.


Please feel free to email me a  brief listing of your home-based products or business services to other seniors.  We will be happy to list them for free below : -


                      PRODUCT/SERVICE                                                  MARKET                                WEBSITE                                  CONTACT


                Rides for Seniors by Seniors                              Melbourne,  Florida               www.your company                   321-XXX-XXXX


                Reselling Products to Seniors                                    California                         www.your company                   XXX-XXX-XXXX


                Internet Marketing of Senior Products                      Anywhere                        www.your company                   XXX-XXX-XXXX