Hosted Practice Parties

One of the gripes I have about going to public dances is the chore of sitting through dozens of dances that I am not particularly interested in (Mambo, Polka, Country 2-Step, etc ) and keeping my fingers crossed that I get  to do the dances ( Quickstep, Tango, Viennese Waltz, etc ) I like when asked.

It is pointless and a waste of time and money to learn fancy routines in expensive private lessons only to forget them because no one other than your dance instructor dances it !!!

The solution is to have our own practice parties hosted by the Dance Instructor from whom you are taking lessons so you get the opportunity to 

practice the dances you are learning.

At our Hosted Practice Parties, you will : -      

                                                                               1)  Dance  at  least  6  times  with  the  Dance  Instructor

                                                                               2)  Be  able  to  request  your  choice  of  dances

                                                                               3)  Have  complimentary  30-second  video  posted  to  your  Facebook  timeline

I will host a  3-hour  Dance Social every Wednesday night.  Please join us for a pot-luck Dinner, followed by two  30-minute  Private Lessons and 

ending with a Practice Party.

                                                                                6:00 pm - 7:00 pm     Pot-luck  Dinner  Social

                                                                                7:00 pm - 8:00 pm     2   30-minute  Private  Lessons

                                                                                8:00 pm - 9:00 pm     Practice  Party  


Dance  Hosted  by  Instructor

Please make an effort to join us for the BYOB pot-luck social whenever possible so we can get to know one another before we start dancing.  

You and your partner can eat, socialize or watch the Instructor teach

the 2 half-hourly private lessons while waiting for the Practice Party 

to start.

Watching others, especially a PRO, dance helps you develop your own

skills.  I can testify to that !!   Don't waste the golden opportunity to cost-

effectively improve your dancing prowess by participating in our weekly

Dance Socials on Wednesday nights.

Ladies wishing to be dance hosted will select from the Dance Card  6

dances.  We all have our favorites.  Feel free to email, comment or 

message me on Facebook or call me to let me know which dances 

you would like be dance hosted on and I will try my best to accommodate

your requests.

Dramatically  Upgrade  Your  Dancing  Skills

Learn the basics from group classes at the public ballrooms conducting them and then speed up your learning curve by taking either private 

lessons or being hosted by professional dance instructors.  This approach has worked marvels for me and I strongly believe that it will work for you

as well !!!

The Club's focus is catering specifically to ladies who seriously aim to improve their  dancing skills. The only way to do this is to either take 

private lessons or being hosted as dancing is a skill like swimming in that you can't improve just by watching others dance.

Cost is $10 per person but $25 each for the ladies if they opt to be dance hosted for  6  dances of their choice by the Dance Instructor hosting the Practice Party.  Couples will pay only $30 for the 3-hour Dance Social.

Better  Comparative  Value

The ongoing issue I have attending public dances is that often the floor 

is jam packed.  It is great for the ballrooms as well as those whose focus 

is more on socializing than really dancing but very detrimental to anyone wanting to really dance.

You are wasting your time and spinning your wheels pointlessly if you

just go to crowded dances week after week to dance the same old 

routines again and again. It gets boring in short order and it is almost impossible to upgrade your skills.

We will ensure adequate floor space by limiting attendance to just 4 to

6 couples.  This is why attendance at our Practice Parties requires prior notification by phone or email so the floor is never too crowded.

I can afford to limit attendance because unlike the public ballrooms, my primary focus is not profit but meeting my dancing needs.

Private  Lessons, Practice  Parties or Combos

You can choose to either sign up for the 30-minute private lesson ( $50  ) 

or be dance hosted for  6  dances of your choice ( $25 ) during the 

Practice Party that follows.

Alternatively, you can opt for the much BETTER VALUE Lesson & Dance 

Hosting Combo.  Cost is $45 for a 30-minute private lesson PLUS being

dance hosted  6  dances of your choice provided you prepay $450 for

10 sessions scheduled every other Wednesday night.

It might be best, if you are relatively new to dancing, to sign up for a 

couple of half hourly private lessons prior to attending the practice 

parties as the instructor will NOT be teaching then but just dancing 

with one lady after another.

FREE  Video  Snippet  FB  Post

We will preserve your precious memories on the dance floor and help 

YOU share your dance passion with family & friends, near & far, now & 

Getting  More  out  of  your  Dancing  Dollars

It is a challenge to really improve your dancing skills without spending a small fortune the way things are set up in the industry.  Practice makes perfect but unfortunately you cannot practice effectively without a  skilled

dance partner. 

I have thought long and hard about the problem and decided that the only way to upgrade my dancing skills is to get a group of fellow dancers together who are similarly inclined.

I am looking for 3 other dancers who are interested to book a dance 

practice session on a weekly basis with a professional dance instructor.  Dancing with a pro is the key to improving but the professionals charge 

$100 an hour.   

It is far more effective to spread your $100 over 4 practice sessions on a quad-sharing basis than it is to just have one private lesson a month.  

These will be quad-sharing dance practice sessions and  NOT dance lessons.   The instructor will simply dance in turn with each of the 

student dancers the dances of her choice.  

We could try out fortnightly sessions if there is only 1 other person interested, that is, twin instead of quad sharing.  No long-term commitment required.  

Just contact me if you are interested and we will discuss which dance instructor to engage and how frequently to schedule the dance practice sessions.

forever by posting a 30-second video snippet to your Facebook timeline

as our thank you for your support  !!!

Call  or  Email

Please call Margaret at (321) 328-0805 for any additional information desired.  Email with the words "Practice Parties" in the subject line if you are interested and the  6  dances you want when it is your turn to be hosted by the Dance Instructor.