Gerry Fahey -  2000th  Race

May 13, 2017 was a special day for Gerry Fahey - He ran his 2000th Race for charity!  A month later on June 13, 2017 at a large gathering of fellow runners and their families and friends at the Avenues of Viera, Gerry was honored with an Award from Running Zone Foundation   Ballroom dancing friends of Gerry and Elizabeth, Tom and Margaret were among supporters present.   This page is hosted as a tribute to Gerry for his lifetime achievement.

Elizabeth Hill was beaming proudly as she posed with Gerry holding his Award for his 2000th Run - It was all the more poignant and meaningful as Gerry had almost died last year and stunned everyone as the "Comeback Kid" of charity road racing.

Gerry receiving his coveted Award  -  Listen to the compliment paid to him by the Presenter about the significant monies he had donated to charities via his entry fees for 2000 races over the last 40 years !!!

Gerry receiving his Participation Award for Running the Gecko 5K from Running Zone Foundation and being billed as " Mr 2000 " for having ran 2000 charity races - quite a lifetime achievement !!!