Ballroom Dancing & Swing - Space Coast Dance Club

I joined as a member on October 14, 2017 when Space Coast Dance Club hosted Jerome & Bonnie Subey, 2 well-known West Coast Swing competitors as dance instructors.  The workshop on Flexible Frame was most interesting.

I am so glad I made it to all 3 of Jeff Mumford's workshops on November 11, 2017 as Tom was still recovering from his hip surgery.  He had started driving for the first time post-surgery only the evening before! 

Jeff  Mumford

Jeff was a fabulous instructor (Cool Moves, Side Pass Galore & Whip Mania) and I learnt a great deal feeling challenged at times but I persevered.  

Below are 2 videos of him at the dance following the 3 workshops.  I had to strip music track from the 1st video as it was deemed copyrighted.

Jerome & Bonnie are fabulous WCS dancers and treated those present that 

Jerome & Bonnie Subey

night with 2 impressive routines mid-way through the post-workshop dance.