No  Monthly  Fee  LifeSAVER  Medical  Alert


Usually both husband and wife are out at work and there is no one at home other than their aged dad or mom.   Many Singaporean

families are thus forced to hire a foreign maid.  It should be remembered though that falls or stroke can strike at any time and the

maid may be out grocery shopping.

Two-thirds of the  800  falls annually occurs at home.  About  90%  of those who receive treatment within one hour continue to live

independently while only  10%  does so if they get treated after 12 hours.

The  only  other  option is to  purchase  a senior alert so that  help  can  be  summoned  when  your  aged  parents  need  assistance.  Unfortunately, the senior alert systems  available  require  being  monitored  by a  3rd  party.  In other words, you have to  pay  the

monitoring company a fee of about  $40  every  month.

A new innovative  LifeSAVER  Medical Alert is now available which requires  NO  monthly  fees  as it does not need to be monitored  by  a  3rd  party.  

The  LifeSAVER  Medical  Alert  is  programmable  and  will

automatically  dail  2  numbers  ( family member, neighbour

or 995 )  when  your dad  or  mom  presses  the  panic  button

on  the  pendant  or  speak  " Call  Speed  Dial  1 "  or 

" Call  Speed  Dial  2 "

The  LifeSAVER  Medical Alert System offers convenience and mobility for everyday conversations and emergency calls. You can wear it around your neck or clip it to your belt loop.

The sheer convenience offered by its mobility greatly helps to keep you in touch with loved ones.  You can talk hands-free  when necessary. 

More importantly, the pre-programmed  speed  dials on your safety pendant ensures that you can automatically contact a loved one or  995  in the event of a  fall  or  other  emergency. 

The LifeSAVER Medical Alert also has 14 minutes of capacity for reminders to be pre-programmed.  You could, for instance, set

up the pendant to  automatically  remind your aged parents to

take their medications at the appropriate times : -

      10.00 am     -   Take  red  pill   ( every 4 hrs )

      12.00 pm     -   Take  yellow  pill  ( noon & bedtime )

        2.00 pm     -   Take  red  pill

        6.00 pm     -   Take  red  pill

       10.00 pm    -   Take  red  &  yellow  pills


The  LifeSAVER  Medical Alert thus acts as a "nursing aide" to remind seniors of when and what medications they should take during the day.

            *     2  programmable speed dials

            *     Voice-announced caller ID tells you who is calling

                          without you having to look at the device.

            *      Includes caller ID/call waiting that allows you to read the

                    identity of caller and put another on hold while you are

                    talking to someone else.

            *      Choice of Wearing Styles  -  lanyard and belt clip


            *      Rechargeable Battery   -   5  hours of talk

                                                                -   7  days standby on

                                                                         one charge

   Key  Features

     Increase volume by up to 40 decibels so conversations are    

             easier to hear and understand.


     Voice Announce® Caller ID

     Always know who's calling, even when you're in the other


     All devices  announce  the  names  of  your  callers through      

            the speakerphones.

     Oversized buttons and easy-to-read display screens make

            the system super easy and comfortable.


   Unique  Benefits   NO  Monthly  Monitoring  Fee

    NO  Installation  Costs  or  Contracts

    Calls  for  help  are  just  a  speed-dial  button  away

   (Wear it around you neck or clipped to your belt for the most


    One-button  or voice-activated Dialing  -  no  3rd  party  needed

    Expanded  Range   -   up to  600  feet

    Reminder  System  about  medications  or  important   



    Available  only  in  the  USA  and  Canada   -   till   NOW

    Product  Warranty  for  3  months  from  date  of  purchase


    Take  Action  TODAY         


      Give yourself and your loved ones peace of mind that

      you are just a  speed-dial  button  click  away  from  help       

      by getting the  LifeSAVER  Medical  Alert. 


      Isn't a  one-time  investment of just  $338  worthwhile 

      to ensure that you or your loved ones are  NEVER  

      alone even when there is no one else at home?

      Just think how much money you are  saving  either by

      not  needing  to hire a live-in maid or pay the  $40  monitoring

      fee  every  single  month.

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        station must be plugged in to demo.


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