Business  Consultancy

Failing  to  Plan  is  Planning  to  Fail

A substantial portion of the cost of management is in the overhead costs of retirement benefits and healthcare for your executives.   You would be much more competitive if you could enjoy the fruits of high quality management without all of the associated benefit costs. 

I am a young retiree who is highly qualified and was a senior consultant prior to retirement.   I am looking to consult with home-based and small businesses who are seeking consultancy services which do not break their budgets.   I believe in offering teaser fees to induce prospective clients to try our services.

A dollar saved is a dollar earned!  The caveat however is that you should not be forfeiting quality.   We consider you not just as clients but as business partners  -  our consulting practice will grow only if our clients succeed and we will do our best to help you.

Business  Start-Up

I am very conversant with issues regarding business start-ups  -  from concept to launch and all the pricing, marketing and operational decisions involved.  Sometimes, a vigorous review   of a business plan can save the budding entrepreneur a lot of wasted time, effort and money.

The most dangerous phase of a business after it has been successfully launched is when you decide to expand substantially.  Many folks believe that if you work harder you     will automatically succeed.  This is just not so.  The financial     and operating dynamics change quite dramatically and can  prove fatal if you are unprepared.


The best product or service in the world does not guarantee business success.  The key is always cost-effective marketing      -  the ability to generate more revenue than expenses when selling.

I used to  conduct  seminars  for  executives  on this very     important topic and would be happy to chat with you about     your marketing plan for your products and services if you wish.

Business  Deals

Business is very competitive these days.  You get only one chance to seal the deal.  It is imperative that you put the odds       in your favor as best as you can.

Your initial business proposal letter is the key to unlocking     future business.  You need to be able to grab your prospect's interest quickly and effectively.

Lawyers hone their skills by doing mock trials.  You should do likewise by doing a mock presentation of your business deal meeting.

Legal  &  Financial  Matters

The most vexing issues for a small or home-based business      are legal and financial matters.  It is often more cost-effective to contract an outside consultant to handle the correspondence involved than struggling with them yourselves.

You should focus whenever possible on running your business.  Engage me on an assignment basis to handle whatever issues are taking up your time and resourcesineffectively.

Seminars  &  Workshops 

Upgrade the financial, marketing and management skills of your managers and executives without breaking your budget by engaging me to do an online program with them.

We can customize the presentation to meet your particular needs.  Format can vary from informal hour-long presentation    on any topic of your choice ( financial, marketing, management, retirement, estate planning,  asset  diversification  etc  ) or a  structured  program conducted over several sessions.

Cross-Border  Networking

It is very difficult for a home-based or small  business to source products and services from overseas.   The primary hurdle is   that the minimum order quantity required is usually much more than you need.  This is particularly so if you are market testing   an overseas product or if you are sourcing for a service.

I have contacts in the States, Singapore, New Zealand and Canada.  Feel   free to contact me for a chat to see if they can be of assistance.   You could perhaps be a resource if you wish.

Consulting  Possibilities

  *      Making  a  Business  Proposal

  *      Writing  up  a  Business  Plan

  *      Requesting  a  Bank  Business  Loan


            *      Designing  Marketing  brochures etc

            *      Writing  Marketing  letters  to  clients

  *      Developing  a  Marketing  Plan

  *      Costing  the  Marketing  Plan

  *      Evaluating   Cost-Effectiveness  of               

            Different  Advertising  Channels                                             

   *      Writing  the  initial  Proposal  letter

   *      Negotiating  the  terms  of  the  deal

   *      Writing  the  Business  Contract  itself

   *       Critiquing  your  Business  Deal  Presentation

   *      Writing  "legal"  letters

   *      Handling  Customers  Complaints



  *       Finance  for  Non-Financial  Managers

  *      Where  Have  All  the  Profits  Gone ?

  *       Financial  Analysis  for  Non-Financial  Managers

  *       Effective  Selling  Skills

  *       Sharpening  Your  Presentation  Skills

  *       Improving  Interpersonal  Communication

  *       Problem-Solving  &  Decision-Making

  *      First-hand  knowledge  of  the  American and

                  Singapore  markets

FREE  15-Minute  Initial  Phone  Consultation

Please feel free to call Margaret at  (321) 328-0805   to let us know how we can possibly work together.   We can start with a relatively simple project to see if our styles fit with one another.   Just click on the button below to send us a consulting request.