Event  Host  or  Speaker

Dare  to  Try  Something  Different

Why not make your upcoming event or gathering different?  Add some sparkle ... something unexpected ...      It appears many functions follow the standard routine of food, some music and chit chat followed by folks glancing at their watches. 

Headline your event with a radically novel approach.  Help to build interaction among those present by inviting me as your Guest  Host or Speaker.  

Business  Matters

Feel free to click on my profile to get an idea of my professional background. 

I conducted financial, marketing and management seminars     and workshops for top-level managers as well as executives     for  years.

I am very adroit in getting audience participation as I can readily

adapt my delivery style to match the tone of the event or the preferences of those present.

Don't take my word for it.  Click here to check out extracts of

glowing  written  references from paying clients.

Personal  Issues

No one solution fits everybody since we are all different and        our individual circumstances vary.   However,  this should not  preclude us from publicly discussing issues which affect everyone.

You will be surprised just how much you can learn from one another under the guidance of an experienced group leader.

Choice of topics is up to those present.  A group of ladies is less likely to be interested in finance than perhaps healthcare.  The choice is yours.

I don't claim to know it all, only more than most.  You can be assured though that you wouldn't have any regrets.  I am an engaging person.

Call  or  Email 

I have won a few speech contests in my days, hosted regional conferences as well as conducted many financial, marketing as well      as management seminars.   I am sure that I can jazz up an event and that your event participants or guests would enjoy themselves.

I have lived an interesting life ... born poor and grew up in Singapore but now lives in central FloridaStarted work when I was just     16 but eventually earned an MBA from Warwick Business School in England.   I am bilingual in English and Mandarin.

I am a young retiree interested in networking,  particularly within my community in Melbourne, Florida.   Feel free to phone me at            (321) 328-0805   if you would like to explore the viability of having me as your Event Host or Guest Speaker.